The Secret to Wealth Building

Today I want to unpack something powerful. This one secret tool can change the course of your life for you and your families future generation. How we manage the use of this tool, will define our next steps. Continue reading The Secret to Wealth Building

Win by Doing

Money is constantly flowing in and out of our hands each week. Whether it’s paying for groceries or buy gas at the pump, if you aren’t careful with how you spend your money, you’ll lose it quickly. Today I want to talk about an action you can take that can lead you to start building financial wealth. Continue reading Win by Doing

True Cost of Renting

Back when Ellen and I sold our home we thought we’d be renting for a few years and then be settled in our new careers and have a home to call home too. But plans don’t always go as planned and we’ve been renting for what seems like forever. Five years and five different apartments, two of which where in another state. Today I want to unpack the many pros and cons of renting and let you decided if it’s really worth the expense. Continue reading True Cost of Renting

A New Adventure

Ellen, the kids and I are about to embark on a new financial journey. For the past 5-years, we’ve paid our dues with renting. I can’t even begin to share how much money we’ve spent renting and how much it’s cost us – let alone how we will never see a return on that investment. Today I’m going to share with you our next adventure as we learn to cut back on our lifestyle and save more money for the future. Continue reading A New Adventure